Akasha Studio Trinidad is a yoga and pilates studio located at 121 Long Circular Road, Maraval. The concept of this yoga studio grew out of a friendship and likeminded philosophy of its founders - Gaby, Jacqui and Paige.

This is an all-embracing and life affirming philosophy of enhancing wellness and personal transformation. Our diverse schedule offers classes that range from dynamic to restorative, massage therapy, mindful nutrition and holistic rehabilitation.

We at Akasha foster a community that supports complete wellbeing—opening the doorway to strength, serenity and wisdom.


Brieves Road turns off of Long Circular Road, on the Eastern corner of our studio.
It's the only parking lot on Brieves Road. Look out for the white booth, on the left.
Our on-duty security officer will be happy to direct you to the garden path that leads to our studio.

If parking at the front of Akasha Studio, please avoid parking in the reserved parking spots as indicated outside the Wellness Centre on the Western side of the studio.

Call us if you need directions: