Instructor Bios

Gaby Beston Edwards

Studio Owner

Gaby is a certified pilates and yoga teacher, and is now pursuing her “inspired” status as an Anusara™ Yoga teacher. Gaby has studied with John Friend and Christy Punnet Eames  to name a few in her journey of deepening her Anusara practice. She has also been to India to participate in a Moksha Yoga teacher training led by Ted Grand and Jess Robertson amoung others. She is the owner of Akasha Studio Trinidad, and has been teaching yoga and pilates for 7 + years.  

Gaby is also an artist, and infuses her teaching with a deepening connection to the heart to fully express our inner creativity. By encouraging us to engage and participate in the rocking, pulsating dance of our practice, we create art/yoga that is uniquely us. She plays the edge of a challenging, nurturing, yet playful practice that allows us to see our bodies in a new light; as a tool of expression and expansion of our innate “Divine Sparkle”!

Paige Tim Pow

Studio Owner

 Paige has been practicing Anusara yoga for 5 years and in April 2012 completed her teacher training. She has studied with Christy Punnet and Amy Ippoliti both versed in the philosophy of yoga and credits them for her love of the ancient yoga texts. She is also keenly interested in the study of Sanskrit. Paige is an avid reader and brings the poses to life with stories of their origins, which adds an air of fun and playfulness to her teaching. Besides yoga, her favourite things are watching cricket games, jigsaw puzzles and running, she also enjoys just being with family and friends. For Paige, yoga has been the key to reset and reconnect with herself and her family, her friends and her community at large and it is her deepest wish that through her classes, she can encourage her students to be curious and to explore and deepen their experience of yoga.

 Jade Solis


Jade is Yoga Alliance registered and began her teaching journey in 2009 at New York City's Sonic Yoga which she entered as a means of self exploration and growth.  She discovered a deep resonance with the ancient teachings and continued her studies into the world of holistic bodywork with therapeutic massage and energy healing modalities in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Her evolution continues with the component of integrative nutrition which she is currently studying.  All these trainings have provided Jade with the understanding of both the physical and subtle human anatomy and the tools to facilitate this exploration and healing in others.  

Her teaching style tends towards light heartedness and creativity, often set to music with instructed movement guided by students' individual needs and comfort levels.  She believes that the true nature of our being is one of happiness and love. Her intention for each class is to inspire students to step into the expression of their own heart and soul. An eternal student, she hopes to offer others the encouragement and space to explore their own inner wisdom and light.

   #121 Long Circular Road, Maraval, Trinidad & Tobago 

Jacqueline Quesnel 

Studio Owner

 Jacqueline is a Registered nurse and Certified Yoga Instructor with a B.Sc. degree in Nursing from Barry University in Miami, Florida.  After working as a staff nurse and then Clinical Educator at Jackson Memorial Hospital, she trained and certified with Dr. Deepak Chopra M.D. as a Mind Body Health Educator and Meditation Instructor.  Certified in a Sivananda practice in Florida, Jacqueline’s continued study in Yoga includes Integrative Yoga Therapy with Joseph Le Page, training with the founder of Anusara Yoga, John Friend, and ongoing study with certified Anusara teachers Amy Ippoliti, Zhenja La Rosa and Christy Punnett.  

With a fervent belief in the benefits of Yoga and great joy in teaching, Jacqueline leads Anusara Based Hatha Yoga Classes and Private Yoga Therapy Sessions in Trinidad W.I.  It is her intention to create a space through practice, play and sharing, for students to remember their Universal connection and  grow into their own inherent happiness, peace and power.

 Troy Hadeed

 Troy has been trying to live yoga long before he was ever introduced to the asana practice. Since yoga and asana practice came into his life, he has been bringing his dedication and focus onto his mat and into his teaching. Troy has aspired to aid his students on their journey of self realization and empowerment through breath, alignment, and fun. He was originally trained as a Moksha yoga instructor under the guidance of Ted Grand and Jess Robertson and has since studied with Ryan Leier, Baron Baptiste, Seane Corn, and Eugene & Jesse Poku. He believes that our practice on the mat is a direct representation of our daily lives in many ways and in an effort to change the world, he encourages yoga practitioners to begin with themselves, on their mat. Into every class he leads, Troy aims to offer his students an avenue to connect with mindfulness, their body, the GOD of their own understanding & LOVE.

Founder of One Yoga Trinidad

Lorraine O' Connor 


Lorraine O’Connor is a certified Integral Hatha Yoga teacher, trained under Karen Stollmeyer’s Bliss Yoga, incorporating pranayama (breathing techniques), asanas (postures) and relaxation.  Although Lorraine has been practicing yoga since 1999, she has always had a keen interest in Eastern philosophy and lifestyle. She has a Masters degree in Mandarin Chinese and has travelled and lived in China and India. Lorraine is a certified doula, a care-giver to women in labour, and has assisted in over 30 births. Lorraine also has a BS in Naturopathy from the Clayton College of Natural Health, USA.  She is very interested in all aspects of natural health techniques, and brings to her teachings her nurturing compassionate nature, her calming presence and her joy for life. 

 Melissa Hadden

 Melissa Hadden has been working in the fitness industry for the last six years and will be using that knowledge here at Akasha studios with her main focus on Pilates. She began her fitness journey at Fanshawe College in London Ontario in September 2006, where she worked and studied for two years.  In June 2008 she obtained her diploma in Fitness and Health Promotion.  During her time as a student at Fanshawe College she was able to gain valuable work experience as an employee of a successful Canadian gym; “GoodLife Fitness”. Her main focus was in the women’s only section employed as both a floor and personal trainer. Upon graduating from Fanshawe College she decided to move back to Trinidad to pursue her career options.  

She started an “At Home” training service providing individual and small group sessions.   During this period she became very passionate about Pilates and with the encouragement of her Pilates instructor she went on to train and become certified. She trained under “STOTT Pilates” a Canadian based institution with teaching and training centers situated all over the world. In August 2011 Melissa proudly became a part of this community and continues to train annually to upkeep her certification and to further her knowledge. 

Melissa believes that “Pilates is not only beneficial for one’s body, but also for one’s mind and overall attitude about fitness and living a healthy lifestyle”. She looks forward to working alongside the other inspiring teachers at Akasha studio and to sharing her love of the practice with others.