Located at 121 Long Circular Road in Maraval, Trinidad, Akasha Studio is a yoga studio and holistic wellness centre run by founders Gaby Beston Edwards, Jacqueline Quesnel and Paige Tim Pow.


The story of Akasha

Before becoming the popular wellness hub it is today, Akasha began as a humble yoga studio founded by Gaby in 2007. Although small, Akasha’s singularly beautiful energy and alignment-centred classes quickly attracted many yoga practitioners who saw Akasha as a welcoming space to reset, reconnect and re-energize.

Beanie and Paige, who were teaching yoga at various venues at that time, began giving classes at Akasha occasionally, but it quickly became clear that the studio would have to expand to accommodate the growing Akasha family.

As the three women had mutually complimentary personalities and teaching styles, they decided to collaborate, and Gaby brought Jacqui and Paige on board to co-found a new, larger Akasha Studio. From that point on, everything simply fell into place: the space beside Gaby’s quaint studio became available, and the co-founders were able to renovate the location to re-launch Akasha Studio in 2012.


A wellness centre for your mind, body and spirit 

Since expanding, Akasha has continued to welcome students at every level, from lifelong practitioners to those who have never stepped onto a yoga mat. Along with the three founders who work as permanent teachers, the studio also engages contracted instructors and guest teachers from around the world, each with expert training and unique insights.

In addition to the diverse styles of yoga, Akasha is the first studio in Trinidad to offer Bowspring, a new mindful movement that is growing globally as a modern alignment system that counters the effects of a dormant physical lifestyle and rising stress.

Eco-friendly yoga gear is also available together with healthy treats, and, of course, a bountiful supply of that sweet energy that sets Akasha apart and makes it a special, sacred space.

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“This practice is not about transforming ourselves into something we are not. It is a revelation of what lies inside of us—strength, courage, beauty.  What we transform is the way we see ourselves and what we believe is possible.” 

Gaby received her initial pilates and yoga training in New Orleans and India respectively, and continued her studies in Anusara yoga from master teachers all around the world. Her ongoing education and years of teaching brought her to a new path - the Bowspring method. Gaby now exclusively teaches Bowspring and is one of the pioneering teachers introducing it to the world. A multi-faceted wonder woman - artist, teacher, mother of twins, and the glue that holds the Akasha team together! Her artist prowess is reflected in her creative flows. Her passion for the practice is inspiring and grounded, with her focused energy and solid technical cues. She will challenge you physically and mentally and continuously asks you to set your standards high and be accountable to yourself. Gaby awakens you to the relationship between posture and movement, towards developing mind body intelligence, fluidity and longevity. Practice with Gaby to repattern, to connect, to strengthen - and leave feeling positive and vibrant!

Paige Tim Pow

“Yoga becomes a metaphor for your life. The more you can balance on your mat is the more you can balance off the mat.”

For Paige, yoga is about reconnecting with yourself, your loved ones and the wider community. She completed her yoga teacher training in 2012 and is well versed in the philosophy and ancient texts of yoga, bringing poses to life with the myths surrounding their origins. Passionate about fitness, Paige celebrates each of her students’ achievements in their practice, and encourages the use of yoga to support overall health. With a light-hearted but steady teaching style, Paige’s classes are centred on invigorating sequences which strengthen the body and enable students to accomplish peak poses more easily. By giving the time and space needed to explore each pose, Paige allows students to really feel their alignment and delve deeper into their postures.


Jacqueline ‘Beanie’ Quesnel 

“Know your breath as part of the bigger Breath, your heart as part of the bigger Heart.”

As a yoga teacher for almost 22 years, Beanie embodies precise guidance and gentle nurturing, and is fully invested in the balanced wellbeing of her students’ minds, bodies, hearts and spirits. A registered nurse and certified yoga instructor, Beanie continuously studies Anusara based therapeutic alignment, making her classes ideal for those seeking a profoundly restorative and therapeutic practice. Her classes offer a soothing, relaxing space where students can come into their own wisdom, finding joy, peace and power through their practice, as well as heightened self-awareness. Practicing with Jacqui      allows students to find a deeper appreciation of the Divine while enjoying her playful, energetic support throughout.

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