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What is Bowspring?


Bowspring is a fluid, mindful practice using a new, revolutionary postural alignment system that promotes healthy curves in the spine and encourages ease of movement and agility. It is a system that is current with new body mechanics research which encourages even fascial tone in the body, a concept referred to as tensegrity. In a world where our jobs and daily activities perpetuate a rounded C Curve of the spine or a stacked skeleton, Bowspring sets up our body in a way that brings back the healthy Double S Curve that relieves spinal compression and allows for maximum breath capacity and optimal circulation. The attention to detail brings a quality of complete mindfulness, and asks us to take full accountability for our health and happiness. We become more compassionate with ourselves and others as we release old patterns that no longer serve us as we integrate the bowspring template into all that we do. 

The alignment system takes time to learn, to feel natural, and to break old patterns and habits. Bowspring, once learnt through the system of the 10 Key Areas, can be used for all dynamic movement in our life. Once we can consciously choose to move with vitality and confidence, then we can do Bowspring!


akasha bow flow level 1 classes

with gaby & jacqueline

Join in on our NEW Akasha Bow Flow Classes, part of our regular class schedule *NEW CLASSES COMING IN JANUARY*

Thursdays 7:00pm with Gaby #121 Long Circular Road, Maraval

Fridays 7:30am with Gaby #121 Long Circular Road, Maraval

Fridays 9:30am with Jacqueline #9 Anderson Street, Curepe

akasha advanced bowspring series

For those of you who have already fallen in Love with your new Bowspring life, 

we are also proud to host the: Bowspring Advanced Series with Christy Punnett.

An 8 week long series $800 Mondays at 7:00pm.

Start: Monday 8th January, 2018. A few spots are still open. Register your interest with us as soon as possible.

upcoming Bowspring Workshops with christy punnett

Coming Janury 26th 2018