Zhitao is an ever smiling young lady who will be much missed at Akasha Studio. We are accustomed to seeing her at least 4-5 times a week! Zhitao has been dedicated from the onset. She moved here in 2013 from China and decided to try out yoga at Akasha and well, she's been here ever since! 

1.     Where are you from originally?


2.     When did you move to Trinidad and why?

I came to work here in 2013.

3.     Was it your first time trying yoga at Akasha?

Not the first time, but indeed a very beautiful experience.

4.     What made you stay?/what did you like about yoga at Akasha?

I’ve always been attracted to yoga since I first practiced it as a teenage girl, and Akasha gave me a good opportunity to come back to this community. I started it as a way of keeping fit, while gradually I find peace when I practice, and get more and more emerged in the very moment I sit on the mat, so that practicing yoga became a must and a lifestyle, which keeps me not only balanced physically ,but spiritually and between life and work.  Teachers at Akasha are all first class , very helping , they teach yoga with passion and love, and the whole community at akasha is loving and caring too. The philosophy of akasha yoga is feel yourself and be the teacher of yourself ( this is what I summarize, lol), which I will remember all my life during my practice.  There is simply too much nice to say about akasha. I’m very grateful that I encounter akasha and all the teachers and practice partners here, and surely akasha will be the no.1 place I miss here in Trinidad.

5.     How many times do you go to class per week?

4-5 times/week.

6.     Which is your favorite class?

Transformation class by Gaby.

7.     What is something you’d say yoga at Akasha provided you with that you’ll be taking back home with you?

Yoga is the philosophy that keeps me young, wise and stable. Whenever I feel struggled, at mess, whenever I need peace and tranquility, I come to the mat and practice. The two years of practicing at akasha is a gift for me, which inspires me that no matter what happens, try to reach the limit of your effort and then it will always pay off.

I will not forget any of you even though I leave, and I will try to keep pace with you all during my practice. I sincerely welcome you to China and I look forward to seeing you in China in the near future.

You’ll be missed! Thank you for your dedication and commitment Zhitao, it’s very inspiring.