'I have only had one face to face interaction (thus far) with Melissa, however my consultation with her has continued to resonate with me. Her gentle demeanour quickly puts you at ease and her willingness to share her vast knowledge so freely is evident. I appreciated the time she took to explain everything in detail, answer the questions I had and develop a simple plan that I can work with. I can say with surety that I have no hesitation in recommending Melissa to anyone interested in getting their health back on track.'   - Camille

Mindful Nutrition isnt a diet in my opinionit really is exactly what its called…”Mindful eating. When Im on Melissas plan, I am a lot less hungry, no cravings (which is odd for me!), I feel lighter and more energetic. She has been very good about doing the vegan version for me too! Definitely worth it, especially when you dont have the time/knowledge to prepare healthy stuff yourself or the discipline to find diet food for lunch every day. Once I know I am going to be around for the weekI sign up!  Thanks Melissa! - Anonymous

Melissa's meals are not only super yummy, but knowing that she takes care in making them as healthy as possible means I don't have to feel guilty! I Feel great after eating them and the portions are more than enough!   - Melanie

 After attending many enjoyable, uplifting and awakening yoga classes at  Akasha studio, I stumbled across the Mindful Cleanse advertisement. Despite, not having a full appreciation of what it entailed, it piqued my interest, so I signed up! After the introductory session with the lovely Melissa, I was fully in, committed to give it a go! In the first stage of weening off of caffeine, sugar, wheat etc, my awareness grew significantly of my body's blatant response to these particular food types. I was marveled at the fact that my body went into complete withdrawal of caffeine which included severe headaches and no pain killers were allowed of course. I thought a cup of coffee a day was not harmful. I did the cleanse in April 2014 and up to today, I have not had a cup of coffee and do not miss it! It was exciting to learn to shop at the supermarket in a new way, guided by Melissa - only on the perimeter where the good stuff resides. All the new recipes that were part of the cleanse, were by, no exaggeration, delicious and easy enough to follow. Again up to today, I still make many of them. Smoothies galore - amazing tasting and feeling every day - I still make smoothies! The detox tea, I am sipping while I am typing this, because I fell in love with it, saw the benefits even after cleanse. The knowledge that I walked away with, coupled with glowing skin and feeling holistically renewed after the cleanse, I can boldly say that the Mindful Cleanse that I "stumbled" across was indeed at the perfect time of my life. I was ready for this change and I surely have!  Lastly, after my mother fought breast cancer,I believe that these important food choices help me to help her keep those cells away. We share the smoothies and detox tea very often. I am truly grateful for the impact the Mindful Cleanse has had on me and those who have sipped my tea! Love to you all @ Akasha   


My experience with Melissa Beston, has shown me how to have a balanced diet that will improve my health conditions, since I was searching for a nutritionist,  for a few  months now. I'm  following the steps she showed me in obtaining good health, since I have acid reflux and looking for some relief from it. I was  told when I went to the pharmacy the pharmacist told me the priobotics are the best on the market and when concerning your health everyone wants the best. Thank you Melissa Beston, was a pleasure meeting you. - Natasha

Super professional and informed, Melissa's the best.- Danielle

I am so impressed with Melissa, her advice, and her cooking! We are very pleased to have Melissa Beston as our Nutritionist at Akasha Studio Trinidad! - Jacqueline Quesnel

I had the roast lamb, rice and lentils with a green salad on Wednesday. It was quite tasty and the best part of all..... healthy healthy healthy. Very nice portion size as well.... just enough!  -  Vijay A. R. Mahabir

Melissa's meals are delicious! Such a fresh, clean taste and great combinations that compliment one another. It's so refreshing to eat healthy food that's not only perfectly cooked and seasoned but also so good for you! And can she cook beans! Must be the Latino blood mixed with a lot of love that makes all the difference! - Deborrah Girod