Mission statement

By teaching self-empowerment and mindfulness, our mission is to see you achieve your full potential, and to guide you to a place of balanced wellness, where your body, mind and spirit are all in harmonious alignment. 

What does ‘Akasha’ mean?

The Sanskrit word ‘Akasha’ has several definitions, all of which merge together to describe everything Akasha Studio represents. 

Firstly, Akasha is defined as the life force from which all things flow, a powerful definition that inspires us to delve deeper into the source of our own life force and find the strength to grow.

Akasha also means ‘to radiate or shine bright with joy and hope’; it reminds us of the happiness and sense of fulfilment we gain from our yoga practice and from taking care of all facets of our being.

Perhaps the most significant definition, Akasha is the name given to one of the five elements in the Sanskrit language: space or ether, the element that holds all potential for creation, a place where anything is possible. This is a true reflection of what Akasha Studio is. It is a sacred space where we find the courage and self-belief to grow and transform, moving beyond what we thought was possible to discover and fulfil our greatest potential. 

Our philosophy

At Akasha, we embrace a fundamental shift in perspective on the meaning and purpose of life. We view life as a gift and an opportunity rather than a series of problems to be overcome.

By living and teaching Tantric philosophy, we encourage you to view every occurrence in life as a chance to grow and expand your consciousness. There are no problems, only opportunities for enrichment.

BELIEVE in your potential

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