" A couple of years ago I was in a car accident which left me with a severe back injury. After trying many forms of treatment and even considering major surgery, I had to make a potentially life changing decision... A decision I did not want to accept or believe. At a time of feeling total frustration and confusion about my physical injury, Akasha's yoga sessions provided me with the mental strength and focus I needed to make my decision - Not to have surgery! I noticed after a period of time that by doing yoga and core classes my physical strength was increasing and my back pain became less intense and a lot more manageable, giving me the freedom and capability to move on with my life. I am happy to report I have managed to stay surgery free, mentally focused and physically stronger than I thought possible, all because of Akasha! " - Asha

Today I completed 20 weeks of chemotherapy.  (December 2018)
Twenty weeks passed – some with tears but most with gratitude and happiness – for I have gained an incredible insight into life and learning to live and embrace the present. 
From the moment I received my diagnosis of Stage 3 BreastCancer, I knew my battle was not going to be with my body but with my mind. After my initial surgery, I contacted @jacquelinequesnel (aka Beanie 😊) from Akasha and asked her to start private sessions to begin healing my body and help me prepare my mind for chemotherapy. 
Beanie was the shining light that I needed to direct me through this journey. She has an amazing ability to guide someone in practice no matter what level you are. She has a healing touch within her that makes your body relax and pain disappear. She has a voice that reads and sings messages of kindness and hope that stays with you throughout your day. 
Beanie gave me the confidence to begin group practices at Akasha and I truly believe that whilst I could’ve made it through this process physically, I know I could not have made it through mentally without Akasha. 
I went to as many classes that I could and all the teachers were welcoming and facilitating to my diagnosis. 
@gabybestonedwards bowspring classes were both challenging mentally and physically and ensured my body remained strong and healthy.
@joannedabadie classes methodically guided my body to do things I never thought were possible and helped the aches and pains go away. 
Jono Solis’s meditation classes gave my mind the sense of peace it needed.
Akasha’s Yoga community welcomed me with open arms and gave me a sense of belonging, peace, love and healing strength. 
So thank you Akasha – teachers and followers- for ensuring that the sun continued to shine on me. Namaste. ST

" In 2005 at the age of 58, I had a bone density test done which showed that my spine was in the osteopathic range. My GP suggested that I start taking medication but I decided to avoid having to do this for a prolonged period of time. I had already been walking and doing light weights but this was obviously not impacting on my spine. I decided to start at Akasha and so I joined Gaby's Core class.  Over the next several years and subsequent tests, my spine gradually began to show an improvement and in 2010 the results showed that it is now actually back in the normal range! I am hoping with the addition of a yoga practice that I now do as a compliment to the core classes, that my hips will also improve and continue to shift towards the normal bone density range." - Noreen

" Gaby is an excellent teacher, and I've had many! I've trained with her since she was a young lady bringing hand written notes to ensure classes ran well and students benefited fully from her knowledge. Since then she has grown into a confident woman who continues to be dedicated to her students' development while continuing her own. Whether it is Pilates or Yoga, Gaby takes time to correct issues, strengthen weakness and enhance the strengths of each student regardless of level. I keep coming to her classes and encourage others because I have benefited from her commitment and caring, and after 6 years, I continue to enjoy her classes. " - Yemi

For me, what’s special about Akasha is the family that you find there. There’s a real sense of community, togetherness, and positivity that makes it a special place to escape and unwind. Then, of course, there’s the fact that you can choose whatever class you need to suit your mood: the Transformation Challenge if you want to push yourself, the Reggae Flow if you’re feeling to boogie, or Relax and Restore if you just need to kick back. Honestly, what’s not to love? - Caro

"I'll probably look like and the most unlikely yogi you'd ever meet. Having said that I was welcomed with open arms and most importantly hearts at Akasha Studio. My one time instructors ( I say one time instructors as I now consider them friends and family) have helped nurture, transform and ground me in ways words cannot describe. From the minute you enter the studio you feel at peace and at home. I've grown with my practice and with each pose and breath I take in their beautiful space I continue to learn more about myself. One of the main attractions to this studio apart from the teachers and energy that resounds in it are the class options. They have classes for all levels so on the days you feel to be challenged you can step into Gaby's transformation series or at the end of a long draining day you can flop on your mat in a restorative class led by Jacqueline or Jacob. Yoga and Akasha studio has changed my life for the better and for that I'll always be grateful. Remember  it's not about that final pose or the pounds you will lose in class as that's a given. Yoga is about the journey on the way.... "