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who can do yoga?

Anyone can do Yoga! We offer many different types of classes to suit all levels of student. You do not need to be flexible to do Yoga!

what type of classes do you offer?

Yoga Beginners Series

Yoga Gentle Flow - Suitable for newcomer or coming back from a hiatus or injury

Yoga Flow - Playful and mindful moving sequence

Yoga Meditate and Flow - Gentle stretches followed by seated meditation

Yoga Power Flow - A more demanding, strength-building sequence

Yoga Vinyasa Flow - Flowing sequence of poses that links each movement with breath

Yoga Relax, Restore Renew - Poses are supported by bolsters, blocks and other props for a deep relaxation

Penatal Yoga - Practice breathing techniques and safe stretches in preparation for birthing.

what are the main benefits of yoga?

Develops flexibility. Builds muscle strength. Improves posture. Helps reduce stress and anxiety, among many other benefits


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Good for circulation

Builds breath awareness to relieve anxiety and stress


Improves posture

Builds muscle strength

Enhances flexibility

Improves balance

Improves the quality of your breathing


Builds muscle strength

Enhances flexibility


Develop your concentration and focus

Facilitate relaxation

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