Yoga’s popularity has blossomed in recent decades because it is simply one of the best ways to take care of your mind, body, spirit and soul. Your yoga mat is where you go to replenish your energy, strengthen your body and calm your mind, and at Akasha Studio, we offer a safe and supportive environment where first-time yogis can develop a strong, soothing practice at their own pace.

If you’re thinking of trying one of our beginner classes, here are a few essential tips to prepare you your very first yoga practice.

  1. Choose the right class: Even if you’re very fit and think you can tackle an advanced class, a safe yoga practice calls for an understanding of the basics of yoga, especially proper alignment. Starting with beginner or Level 1 classes will give you the foundation for a solid yoga practice so you can eventually try more challenging classes without fear of injury.

  2. Wear the right attire: Yoga attire should be comfortable and easy to move in, but not baggy, as loose-fitting clothing may expose your body in poses where you’re bent over or upside down. Stretchy workout gear is usually the best option for comfort while allowing your teacher to see your form and alignment.

  3. Hydrate throughout the day: It’s not advisable to take more than a few small sips of water just before or during your class, as drinking too much water may make certain poses uncomfortable, so make sure to hydrate all day long in preparation for your practice. This is especially important for hot yoga or when practising in hot climates.

  4. Listen to your body: Although there are a few pretzel-y poses, yoga is not gymnastics, and there should be no discomfort, pain or excessive strain while practising. Yoga is meant to be done safely, gently and in line with your body’s limitations, so if you need to modify a pose to make it easier, let the teacher know, and if you need a rest, child’s pose is always there for you.

  5. Focus on your breath: Breathing helps build the harmonious connection between our body and mind, and mindful breath is an integral part of a yoga practice. In Vinyasa yoga, for example, breath is linked to movement, helping you remain focused and present.

  6. Enjoy Savasana: Regardless of how busy your schedule is, take the time to savour Savasana, the final pose of your class, in which you lie comfortably on your back while your body absorbs the benefits of your practice.

  7. Be patient: Never compare yourself to other students; as long as you practise consistently, you will continue to deepen your practice at your own pace. Yoga isn’t about nailing all the peak poses. It’s about learning to live in your heart while working towards balanced wellness in all parts of your being.

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